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Welcome to FKH in the Mix.
Frederic K. Herring mixes House, Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Minimal trax – the whole spectrum of dance music, just for fun. Dive in into some of his greatest mixes and enjoy the show!
Newest Mix
Dance #264 Mad Music
Selected Mixes
Dance #1 Black No. 1
Dance #2 The Age of Love
Dance #12 Zu Früh Zu Spät
Dance #25 Da Da Da
Dance #34 Come On Over
Dance #55 No Hero In Her Sky
Dance #107 Summer And Rain
Dance #111 Yesterdayland
Dance #112 Yesterdayland II
Dance #113 A Bitch Is A Bitch
Dance #131 The Act
Dance #152 Tonetool
Dance #167 Interstellar
Dance #175 Captain My Captain
Dance #192 Hey Hey
Dance #193 Voices Of God
Dance #202 Booty Call
Dance #234 Sordid Affair
Dance #243 Catchfire
Dance #263 Oh Superman
Dance #264 Mad Music
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Frederic Key Herring
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